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    This is a sad story and a story that makes me angry. I'm angry because there are thieves that steal our loved pets and angry because the Dallas law enforcement authorities give these thieves a free pass. It's sad because my dear Canine friend Diamond and his son Cosmo are gone and I know who took them but my hands are legally tied. They can steal, take hostage, but I can do nothing except go to Dallas City Council and try to get a law passed, which I have been doing for the past two years.       am trying to get a law past, which says if someone finds a dog they would need to try to find the owner before they could sell it or give the dog away. You can't keep a lost (found) dog without checking with the city to see if that dog has been reported missing or has a microchip. That is just common sense, which is not too common.







































What happened to my dogs could happen to your pets. Here is Diamondís story:      

Father, Diamond, mother, Dusty, and son, Cosmo were in the front yard. I live and  work in a warehouse near downtown Dallas.  The photograph above is them playing in my front yard. Cosmo was on a long tether playing with his mom, Dusty. Diamond was just sitting on the grass.  I went in to ansewer the phone and when I came out the mom and son were gone, the tether was cut and Diamond was visibly upset. What I'm pretty sure happened was that Pablo took Cosmo, because he was tied up and could not get away and his mom follow them to the car and was also caught and she and her son where taken away.  They both had two tags each on them with my phone number and address on them.  They also both had ID chips in them. I gave the person (Pablo) that took them three days to call me to return my Huskies or time to take them to a vet or shelter to be check out for a chip.  After three days I new that they had been stolen and  I made a police report stating that my dogs had been stolen.  My dogs were taken on a Thursday 10-25-07, I made the police report on Saturday 10-27-07.  The next Tuesday 10-30-07 the Garland shelter called me saying that a man, Eddie, had brought Dusty in saying that Pablo had given him the dog and that he was checking for a microchip.  She had her same collar on but the tags she had on were gone.  They scan her and found the ID chip that I had put in her, and called me.  I pick up Dusty and got Eddie's phone number.  I called Eddie and found out that Pablo had given Dusty to him on Sunday and that Pablo still had Cosmo when he had pick up Dusty.  I asked Eddie to call Pablo to see if he still had Cosmo.  Eddie called me back in two hours on that Tuesday and said that Pablo had told him that he had given Cosmo away.   I found out from a witness that Pablo still had Cosmo until Friday.  I call the police, right away with the case number and told them where Cosmo, that was reported stolen, was. They called Eddie and got Pablo address the next day. Gave the information to Detective Strodtman of the Dallas Police Department and he did nothing for two days and then went home for a long weekend while my dog Cosmo was on a very short chain and barely being fed by Pablo.  My witness said that she was trying to feed the dogs and get Pablo to take Cosmo to a vet and check for a microchip, she new that Cosmo was stolen, but Pablo would not.  It took Strodtman until the next Monday 11-5-07 to go out to Pablo's house to rescue my dog Cosmo, by that time Pablo had already moved him to a friendís house.  Pablo told Strodtman that he had my AKC Huskies and gave away my dogs, which is a crime, Ordinance 7-4.5, and Strodtman let him go, close the case so no one else could do anything on the case and call Pablo a good samaritan for taking my dogs and not returning back to the owner, me. Cosmo was gone, never to be seen again. The police told me there was nothing they could do but that I could sue him. I did and won. Pablo owes me $20,000.00, and I dout if I will ever see a penny of it. Pablo came back when he found out that I was suing him and stole Diamond and my car radio, I was only upset about Diamond.  That was two years ago and I have not heard from Cosmo or Diamond since. They are gone. Dusty the mother is afraid to go outside without me now. I have lost my best friend and his son. Dusty is still traumatized. Where are the authorities when we need them? The Dallas Police tell me that there is no law that a person has to check to see if a dog has ID on him and can do what ever they want to with any dog they get into there hands, even if the dog is reported stolen and has ID on him.  Thatís bull!!   Thatís why I am fighting city hall and the Dallas Police Department to get better laws to protect our dogs, our fury kids, from thieves.  You can join me if you want to, and speak up for our dogs.  Just contact me at  lostdogs@usa.com  

























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